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Pleased to meet you! My name is Caitlyn Abear and I am the owner of Abear Photography. Currently ,I reside in Northern California, in Yuba County. I am a family, maternity and elopement photographer. Most of my sessions take place outside and my preference will always be natural light!

 I am married to an active duty service member. We have a little girl who is the center of our universe! I enjoy drinking coffee, traveling to the mountains, reading on my kindle and spending time with my family. Another thing, I am totally obsessed with the Enneagram. I am a Type 2 aka the Giver/Helper. Seems like I picked the right profession, huh? 

   Since high school, I have loved photography and was known as "the chick with the camera". Over the years, my journey with photography has been up and down; in the last 2 years, I have committed to developing myself as an artist and entrepreneur. 

   I am an emotional person which has its advantages (and disadvantages). When I display my work to the world, I want to evoke feelings of nostalgia and awareness within a person's soul. I truly love my work and I hope it shows for all of you to see!

Photo taken by Jennifer Alyssa Photography
Photo taken by Jennifer Alyssa Photography

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