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Eubanks Family

Family sessions can be hard, but they are so rewarding! Let’s be real, you have multiple people to photograph and you, as the photographer, have to make it work. Sounds a little stressful, huh? Does not help that I am a panicky person, however, I have learned to work through it and ground myself in these situations.

This past Friday, I had the pleasure of working with the Eubanks Family. We did their morning session as Gadsden Park near Macdill AFB, FL. We missed Golden hour and to say I was nervous about sunlight exposure was an understatement; however, we made it work! The beautiful trees provided wonderful coverage and I was able to take some terrific candid shots of the kids playing. I am so happy everything worked out despite my nervousness! Most importantly, I am happy that my clients were happy with their photos!

As an artist and business owner, I always want to please my clients. My mission is to help capture memories of my clients to reminisce upon in the future. This experience taught me that I am capable, and I can create in times of stress. I am grateful and I look forward to learning more!

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