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Human Connection: the main ingredient for the recipe

My business is largely run by social media. While social media has many benefits, there are some negative aspects attached to it. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are meant to help with a sense of community; however, they can bring about a feeling of disconnect. Instead of feeling included, you can feel isolated from other human beings.

Humans by nature of social creatures. We thrive on human connection. As a photographer, I see the importance of having a connection with my clients. From the time that I book a session and eventually work with the client, my goal is to ultimately form a relationship with them. I want to form that connection!

Think about it. How boring would art be if we did not connect with other human beings? Emotions are the center of our work (when I say our, I am talking about artists of all kinds). When I see families and couples loving on one another, it gives me those “warm, fuzzy feelings” and that feeling of nostalgia hits and reminds you of the love you have experienced in your lifetime.

Every time I step away from a session, I am excited to go home and work on the photos I have just captured. I think to myself about the session, the connections I have made and how I am going to make that transfer into my editing. My hope is that when my clients receive their gallery of images, they are overcome with emotion from the beauty of human connection.

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Caitlyn Abear

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