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The Partington Family

The Partington Family

Infertility: a topic that can be considered taboo even in our day and age. 1 in 8 couples suffers with infertility. The definition of infertility is “actively trying to get pregnant for 12 months”. For many, this is a frustrating event that causes stress and pain that in unexplainable.

Although I have never suffered with infertility, I cannot imagine the pain that couples feel. Imagine seeing your friends and family get pregnant and for some reason, you cannot seem to conceive. All they want is a child and for some reason, mother nature will not get on their side.

When I heard about Brooklyn and Donny Partington’s story, it broke my heart. I had never met them but something inside me told me that I needed to help them. Unfortunately Tricare does not cover IVF. When I saw Brooklyn’s fundraiser idea to raise money for IVF, I knew what I needed to do: offer them a session and raffle off a session. I anxiously messaged her on Instagram, and she kindly agreed to it.

We met up on Beale AFB to take photos to promote the raffle and document their journey for IVF treatment. Brooklyn was so friendly and kind from the beginning. Donny was quiet but you could tell he was a kind, caring individual. They make a wonderful pair!

Brooklyn told me about their struggles with infertility, but her attitude was very upbeat. She said to me, “Everything is going to work out. My sister is having IVF twins and I have faith.” Her strength and tenacity really spoke to me.

Towards the end, I asked her if there were any images that she wanted and she quickly told me, “I want a photo of my necklace.” When I read her necklace, it said: eventually. My respect and admiration for her increased even more. I am not a patient person at all and to see her stand in face of adversity with such grace was very empowering to me.

Our clients teach us many valuable lessons about life. Photography is emotional and their session reminded me why I do what I do: to help others. In this season of life, Brooklyn and Donny are dealing with hardship but their faith will guide them through.

It is my job as the photographer merely to help capture those moments. One day, I pray as they hold their baby, they can look back at these images and think, “I am so glad I fought for you and this moment.”

If you have read this far into my blog, I ask that you do one thing: go to their IVF Instagram: partington.ivf and look around at items that are being raffled off. Support them in any way you can (paying for giveaway raffle tickets, sharing on social media, etc.) They are wonderful people who deserve the opportunity to be parents.

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